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Simple and secure giving. Give one-time or schedule recurring giving using the options below.
Support the Church
    In response to Community Request, Good Shepherd UCC has instituted an OnLine Giving Option for your convenience and to bring you consistency and control over your donation practices.
The process is pretty simple but there are some nuances you may have questions about. We try to address them here. Either Read ahead and be prepared or come back and reference when you need. The GIVE button at the bottom of the screen will not become GREEN if there are required fields missing.
Ease of Access and Fund Selection
    The DONATE button below will transport you to a Good Shepherd UCC branded donation page where you will select the FUND to which you want to direct your gift. The General Fund should be Default, and you can use the Dropdown to select from 5 for 5 Funds, or others. If you wish to make a Memorial Gift, Choose the MEMORIAL FUND and in the MEMO Field at the bottom of the form to indicate specifically how you wish to direct it.
To give a one-time or recurring gift, the DONATE button below will transport you to a
Good Shepherd UCC branded donation page. You can select the RECURRING GIVING checkbox if you wish to set a Repeating gift.
Name and Email
    There are fields for your Name and Email. The Name data is necessary to match up to your payment method but if you do not want to offer your Email, you may place It will be necessary for GooglePay
Payment Method - Credit Card, Bank Acct, GooglePay
    Please select the method of payment you choose to utilize for this gift.
Credit Card is going to ask you for the Account, Expiration, CVC code and ZIP Code
Bank Account wants to know your Routing Number, Account Number and Type
GooglePay will want your Email to match your linked email account and when you hit the GIVE button, you will get a GooglePay popup window to verify the transaction.
Cover Fees - yes, there are Fees (full transparency)
    To maintain full transparency, online giving services have fees attached to them.
Major Credit Cards and Google Pay - 2.9% + 0.30 per trx
ACH/Bank: 1% + 30¢
AMEX: 3.5% + 30¢
    For example, on a $100 gift, $3.30 will be the fee. If you choose to keep the COVER FEES Checkbox, the place you enter your dollar amount will show you "Additional $3.30 covered" which means your donation will now be $103.30 and the Good Shepherd will receive $100.00. Your Tax receipt history will reflect the entire $103.30.
    If you Choose to Deselect Cover Fees, your gift will be $100.00 and Good Shepherd will receive $96.70 after the fees are removed prior to depositing in the Church Accounts.
If you choose to use a Bank Account rather than Credit Card, the Fees for that same $100.00 are only $1.31 rather than $3.30.
    None of your banking details are kept with Good Shepherd UCC and the payment processor subscribes to all the current financial regulations regarding online purchasing.
Mobile-giving app
Give using theĀ our Church App.